The First Ever
“Geo-Utility NFT” Minted

Minted 11-3-2022
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Building an Open Utility NFT Economy

The Only Geolocation Based Utility NFT That Pays Always, In All Ways!

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Geo-Utility NFT Marketplace

No More Cartoons, We Means Business!
The OnMyWay Geo-Utility NFT’s are one of a kind. We have created a brand-new segment in the NFT space that provides Fractional Equity Ownership, Crypto Paid Dividends based on the OnMyWay Business Solutions Economy.
OnMyWay Geo-Utility NFT Fractional Ownership Is How To Unlock Liquidity Through Crypto Paid Dividends, Events, Rewards And Token Value Via Asset Sales Major NFT Marketplaces.
Become A Part Owner Of The Economy, Not Just Another Consumer That Feeds The Economy

Launch Timeline

OnMyWay NFT Fractional Ownership is how to unlock liquidity through crypto paid dividends, events, rewards and token value via asset sale on one of the major NFT marketplaces.

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Phase 01

  • OnMyWay Utility NFT Token Wallet Registration

  • $10 OnMyWay Cash = 1 OnMyWay Utility Token (Launch bonus in effect until 12-31-22, see below)

  • OnMyWay App Cash To NFT Token Conversion Launch Special - 3x Bonus through 12-31-22

  • OnMyWay App Referral Token Bonus - 5 NFT Utility Tokens Per Verified App User Referral through 12-31-22

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Phase 02

  • OnMyWay Utility NFT Drop

  • OnMyWay Geolocation Utility NFT Drop

  • Fractional Utility NFT Ownership / Dividends

  • Geolocation Based Dividends

  • Crypto Paid Dividends

  • Special Event VIP Access

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Phase 03

  • OnMyWay Geolocation NFT Monopoly Collection

  • Share, Buy, Trade OnMyWay NFT's

  • Globalization

  • Listing

Coming Soon

Liftoff / Final Phase

  • Connect Top Crypto Wallets Fast and Easy

  • Cold Storage Hardware Wallet

  • NFT Collection Expansion/Minting

  • OnMyWay NFT Side Hustle Launch